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Emotional Memories and Magic

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

Magic Boosts Memory Encoding and Creates Emotional Connections.

In the world of marketing, creating emotional connections with consumers is the coveted goal. Think about the old Blue Bell commercial where elderly siblings revisit their old childhood home (I'll save you the trouble: . Marketers do this because they know it's the strongest form of memory encoding. If you see an emotional commercial, you're much more likely to remember that company or product. Traditional marketing techniques often struggle to leave a lasting impact. However, there is a tool that taps into the inner workings of our brain, enhancing attention, perception, and memory encoding—the art of magic.

Deep within the brain, the amygdala, often referred to as the "emotional center," plays a vital role in processing and regulating emotions. Beyond its emotional function, the amygdala also influences attention and perception, amplifying our ability to notice and remember significant events. When we experience something emotionally charged, the amygdala goes into overdrive, enhancing memory encoding and increasing the likelihood of long-term memory retention. To recap: emotion, attention, and perception. The three things marketers want the most!

Magic's Influence on Attention and Perception: Magic performances have an innate ability to capture our attention. A good magician knows how to manipulate our focus and direct it towards specific actions or objects. By utilizing techniques such as misdirection and sleight of hand, magicians engage the amygdala's role in attention regulation, effectively directing our focus where they want it (or don't want it). This heightened attention, in turn, strengthens our perception of the magical act, making it more vivid and memorable.

Boosting Memory Encoding through Emotion: Magic is inherently emotional. Especially when framed with a strong script. The heightened emotional state not only makes the experience more memorable but also increases the likelihood of retaining details surrounding the magic, including the brand or product associated with the performance.

When a brand integrates magic into its marketing efforts, it captures the audience's attention, triggers emotional responses, and embeds its message deep within their memory. This emotional resonance forms a powerful bond between the brand and the audience, fostering loyalty and advocacy.

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