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Chris Hester


I began studying the performing art of magic at the age of 9. Throughout childhood, my best friend's dad was a hobbyist magician. I was also inspired by the NBC specials "World's Greatest Magic" where I saw Jeff McBride and David Williamson for the first time. I was raised by amazing grandparents who kept my interest in magic alive by taking me to the Queen of Hearts magic shop in Plano, TX. 

I've continued to study magic while pursuing a career in law enforcement. The skills, traits, and work ethic developed through 17+ years of law enforcement has greatly influenced my career in magic. I love to perform everything from close up magic to stand up & stage magic. I am a current member of the Jeff McBride Magic and Mystery School, a school dedicated to learning the performing art of magic. 

Outside of magic you'll find me spending time with family, working out / powerlifting, listening to Merle Haggard, and doing set design, consulting, and prop building for the haunted attraction industry. 


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